Check Point Security Administrator provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network. In addition, you will upgrade and configure a Security Gateway to implement a virtual private network for both internal and external, remote users.

Learn How To
  • Install the security gateway in a distributed environment
  • Configure rules on Web and Gateway servers
  • Create a basic rule base in SmartDashboard and assign permissions
  • Schedule backups and seamless upgrades with minimal downtime
  • Monitor and troubleshoot IPS and common network traffic

Module 1

  • Introduction of Trainer and Trainees.
  • Introduction of various types of firewalls(Packet filtering, Stateful and Application firewalls).
  • Introduction of CheckpointNext Generation firewalls(Over view of CheckpointNext Generation firewalls,Capabilities of CheckpointNext Generation firewalls.)
  • Various models of Checkpoint Next Generation Firewalls Features and comparison of each models.
  • Supported Platforms on Checkpoint Firewalls: Hardware/Software/SPLAT/GAIA/IPSO
  • Overview on Deployment Methods: Standalone- Distributed.
  • Overview of Security features of Next Generation Threat Bundles Firewall, Application Control, Anti bot, Antivirus,Identity Awareness, IPS and URL filtering.
  • Traffic flow in Checkpoint firewall.
  • Lab Practice

Module 2

  • Introduction to Checkpoint Next Generation Firewall components Overview and features
  • Initial configurations of Checkpoint Next Generation Firewalls Management Client, Management Server and Firewall module configuration and integration
  • Regular operational configurations Objects, Groups and policies configurations.
  • NAT Configuration, (HIDE NAT, Auto NAT, Manual NAT Rules, Routing&Antispoofing.
  • Firewall Log Setting and Log forwarding.
  • Configurations of Policies packages and database version.
  • Types of Security Rules in Checkpoint including Global Properties.
  • Overview on Checkpoint Web UI.
  • Device Health Monitoring, Resource utilization Investigation.
  • Lab Practice

Module 3

  • Checkpoint Next Generation Blade Configuration ,Content Protection Blade Configuration
  • Application Control and URL filtering
  • Usage of Various Checkpoint Next Generation components (Smart view tracker/monitor/Dashboard)
  • Checkpoint Next Generation FirewallPacket capture.
  • Firewall Overview and Configuring Firewall Options
  • Log analysis exploring various logs generated by Security Blades.
  • Configuration backups (DB revision, System Backup) and restore using CLI, WEB UI and GUI.
  • Overview and Configuration ofHTTPS/SSL Inspection on Checkpoint Firewalls.
  • Lab Practice

Module 4

  • Advance IPS, Threat Prevention-Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot Blade Configuration.
  • Check Point IPS Overview, IPS in SmartDashboard, IPS Profiles, Activating Protections, Protection Browser, IPS Updates, Network Exceptions, Deploying Geo Protection
  • Detailed Testing of IPS Signatures, Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot blade with Real traffic activity generated by Testing Machine behind the Firewalls.
  • Overview/Demonstration on Checkpoint Next Generation Firewall upgrade
  • Overview on Licensing Checkpoint Firewall using Local and Central Licensing (Smart Update)
  • Command lines training for frequently used commands.
  • Overview of Checkpoint Filesystem, Commonly identified directory and Configuration Files.
  • Exporting Checkpoint Security Rules for Security Audit Review in presentable format.
  • Report generation.
  • Question and Answers
  • Lab Practice

Module 5

  • Introduction to VPN
  • Site to Site VPN overview and configuration
  • Overview and Configuration of Clientless SSL VPN-SSL Extender/ Mobile Access web based.
  • Checkpoint Next Generation Firewall High Availability overview and configuration. High Availability-New Mode and Load Sharing Clustering.
  • Lab Practice.