Cloud Lab Solution 

Our hands-on labs are utilized by Institutions, Learning providers and individual learner/trainers working remotely to learn and perform training lab activities using a secured browser accessible around the clock.

Learners do not require any high-tech machines with complex hardware systems. All the heavy software is loaded on the cloud lab so any computer or laptop with basic configuration makes up the perfect set up for accessing the training. It is a complete cloud-enabled solution and does not even require any re-architecting of internal IT resources.

Enterprise & Universities

Your learners and researchers need access to the latest IT solutions. The enterprise plan includes everything from hands-on labs, l

Training Provider

We provide a easy way to integrate the cloud labs as per your IT Environment for a seamless experience to your trainees. 


Deliver virtual training with hands-on lab exercises for groups of any size. Virtual classrooms can be provisioned in minutes.

Hands On Labs

Playground Lab and Our Guided Labs



Upskill and re-skill your staff and prepare them for new projects.


Learning Providers Online

We are improving the learning experience and the stickiness of the learner.

Institutions for Education

Allow learners to become skilled quickly and be ready for the industry.

What Is Cloud Lab

A Cloud Lab is a marketplace and a SaaS network from which can be used for Corporate Technical Training with high End Computing machines and storage resources to perform practice training lab activities, emulate use cases for different solutions and products and a cloud lab of your choice can be quickly built , optimized and accessed via web browser in minutes.

Playground Labs

  • Applicable to students in an ILT (Instructor-led Training) class
  • Lab activities are described by the instructor or content owner.
  • As per the course, we will provide pre-configured lab with all the tools and packages.

Our Guided Labs

  • Applicable to learners undergoing a self-paced learning process
  • Labs are pre-configured along with guides to meet the course requirements.

The Challenge Labs

  • Applicable to students solving a challenge, such as an evaluation or a hackathon
  • The entry and exit criteria must be defined for these challenges.
  • We offer the framework for the grading of submissions.

Easy To Access

  1. Secure Web-Based Access to Lab Environment.
  2. No Additional Software/Plug-ins required on the client machine.
  3. Complete user control allocated on the lab machines and components.

Features Of Cloud Lab

Access and the Availability

  • 24×7 Access from worldwide.
  • Access via any OS.

Completely Secured

  • Browser based SSL encrypted.
  • Next-Gen Firewall Protected Cloud
  • Access based on Mandatory Access


  • 24×7 support Model
  • Business Time Support
  • Email & Phone Support

Branding for the Clients

  • Label as per your brand.

  • Custom templates available.

Simplest UI

  • Easy to navigate
  • No Plugins and Software.


  • Scalable for flexible needs.

  • Extendible to user worldwide

Dashboards and Reports

  • Usage report for end users.

  • User Activity Visibility.

Flexibility of Billing

  • Flexible models for daily/hourly.

  • On-Demand for monthly/annual.

Extensive Labs

  • Widest range of labs

  •  Choose from our catalog (href to training and offering page)

Seamless Integration

  • Integration with LMS

  • No install and no compatibility issue.


The automation

  • Schedule the on-and-off lab.

  • Request and approval from the lab

Real world Configuration

  • Replicate of prod environments.

  • Similar prod/uat experience.