Access and the Availability

  • 24 X 7 access from anywhere to labs
  • On any device, accessible
  • Browser-based seamless lab infrastructure access
  • On-demand availability of laboratories
  • Single sign-on

Integration is done Seamlessly

  • Integrate easily with Learning Management Systems deployed
  • Smooth integration into your current environment
  • No installation, and thus no compatibility problems

Completely Secured

  • Access using SSL encrypted session.
  •  Single sign-on
  •  Secure environment for cloud
  •  Alignment based on client IT policy

Dashboards and Reports

  • Lab use per learner, batch, and at the level of the organization
  • Complete control of the use of cloud resources and student activities.

Total Control of the Labs

  • Schedule the labs and reduce the amount of idle time spent
  • Budget caps will ensure that you never overspend.

The automation

  • Schedule the on-and-off lab switch
  • Request and approval from the lab
  • Creation and setup of lab once the configuration is selected


  • Scalable for every number of users
  • Extendible to any user worldwide


  • Self-service to learners via our portal
  • Support for physical, virtual machines, or SaaS labs
  • 24X7 support

Simplest UI

  • Easy to navigate
  • Navigation one click
  • No instrument training is necessary to get started.

Labs are Managed

  • Management and the maintenance of the lab is done by us
  • No intervention from lab managers required

Extensive Labs

  • Widest array of labs
  • Focus on AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Big Data Labs
  • Choose from our extensive catalog of ready-to-use laboratories or collaborate with our team to create a customized laboratory to meet your needs.
  • Access to the ever-growing catalog of modern laboratories

Configurations in the real world

  • The problem statements will be real-world problems rather than dummy ones.
  • The customer likes configurations that can replicate production environments.
  • In a variety of settings, students can get practical training.

Flexibility of Billing

  • Flexible models of billing based on pay as you go or annual engagement
  • Chargeback to various departments / functions

Management of Users

  • Build groups of users based on profile or usage criteria

Provisioning of the Labs

  • Provision in bulk
  • Switching on and off labs in bulk
  • Automated Authorizations

Branding for the Clients

  • The platform’s white label as per your brand guidelines
  • Custom templates that are aligned with your brand.

Notification Alert

  • Registration of users
  • Provisioning the lab
  • Start and stop of labs

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